Chronic Hamstring Sprain/Strain testimonial video (above) – Drew W. – Taylorville, IL

Chronic Severe Knee Pain testimonial video (above) – Kevin. C. – Farmersville, IL

Acute Severe Knee Pain testimonial video (above) – Kevin. N. – Springfield, IL

Chronic Buttock Pain testimonial video (above) – Debbie L. – Virden, IL

Shoulder Pain testimonial video (above) – Bernie H. – Fillmore, IL

Chronic Low Back & Hip Pain testimonial video (above) – Wanda L. – Virden, IL

Chronic Foot Neuroma testimonial video (above) – Podiatrist Recommended – Jimmy T. – Farmersville, IL

Chronic Neck Pain testimonial video (above) – Rheumatologist Recommended – Sheri B. – Pleasant Plains, IL

Severe Sprained Ankle testimonial video (above) – Alex B. – Girard, IL

“How I Avoided Neck Surgery Thanks to Dr. Todd” testimonial video (above) – Kelly B. – Springfield, IL

Frozen Shoulder, Knee Pain & Baker’s Cyst testimonial video (above) – Mary K. – Harvel, IL

Shoulder Pain testimonial video (above) – Herb H. – Virden, IL

Chronic Hand Pain testimonial video (above) – George O. – Springfield, IL

Broken Finger Pain testimonial video (above) – Travis G. – Springfield, IL

Neck Pain testimonial video (above) – Chet R. – Girard, IL

Ankle & Thumb Pain testimonial video (above) – Evelyn C. – Girard, IL

Low Back Pain testimonial video (above) – Loren C. – Chatham, IL

Mold Allergy, Lyme Disease & Histoplasmosis testimonial video (above) – Barb C. – Carlinville, IL

Chronic Recurrent Torn Hamstring Pain testimonial video – Andy N. – Kincaid, IL

Chronic Knee Pain testimonial video (above) – Larry B. – Chatham, IL

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Todd and Eugena. They are amazing! Dr. Todd saved me from surgery not only once but twice! I have a job that is very hard on my body. I see Dr. Todd at least once a month. I have different aches and pains when I go in there, and when I leave…..I’m like a new person. And Eugena is the best massage therapist in the profession. I can’t live without her! I love these guys! – Kelly M. – Virden, IL

“I have been going to Dr. Austin for cold laser therapy since 2011. I had my first cold laser treatments while on vacation in NM in December 2010. I wanted to find a skilled practitioner back home because I believe the cold laser therapy reduces my recovery time. I would estimate that the cold laser treatments help reduce my inflammation 25 – 50% than using ice packs alone after chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Austin is very knowledgeable in many areas and spends time listening to and discussing his patient’s concerns. Eugena is an excellent massage therapist too. I look forward to my visits with the Austins.” – Karen B. – Springfield, IL

“Dr. Austin makes it all better!” – Blake M. – Virden, IL

“I was diagnosed around 2002 with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am a firm believer in Dr. Rodger Murphree’s supplements along with chiropractic care! After moving to this area a few years ago, I needed a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain. I went to the phone book to find someone local – that is how I came to know Dr. Todd. Not only is he the best chiropractor I’ve ever been too, he and his wife Eugena are two of the nicest people around. Dr. Todd used cold laser therapy on my neck and shoulders and “Wow!” In no time at all the pain began to disappear. I was then pleasantly surprised to find out that Dr. Austin had met Dr. Murphree, personally uses his supplements and recommends Dr. Murphree’s supplements to his patients who may need them!!! Small world! Thank you Dr. Todd for your dedication to chiropractic care, cold laser therapy and natural supplements! – Vickie L. – Palmyra, IL

“I went to Dr. Austin’s office after I flipped my car and suffered from pain in my back and neck. I was disappointed to find that I had 6 pinched nerves, which was totally not fun. With chiropractic adjustments and cold laser therapy, Dr. Austin got me feeling great in no time! Besides my back and neck hurting, I also had to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled! I complained of having a sore jaw and a headache on one visit to Austin Family Chiropractic. And Dr. Austin used cold laser therapy on it. I couldn’t believe how quickly the jaw pain went away, as well as my headache! Todd and Eugena are always kind no matter what kind of busy day they’ve had, and are also very flexible with scheduling. One of the many things I love about this clinic is that Dr. Todd doesn’t try to fix the problem with prescription drugs. He addresses the cause of the problem where it really is being bothersome. I would definitely recommend anyone suffering from back or neck pain to Austin Family Chiropractic. They are great people and they run a great business! Thanks Dr. Todd and Eugena! :)” – Leanne S. – Virden, IL

“Dr. Austin has treated my husband, my son and myself. We all have been very pleased. Dr. Todd also treated my prior employer who stated that it kept him going and able to keep working everyday.” – Linda C. – Girard, IL

“I am very pleased with Dr. Austin. He is concerned and listens to how you are feeling. Dr. Todd will also ask questions to help figure out a solution to help get you feeling better. I have been a patient of Austin Family Chiropractic since 2007. I go regularly for maintenance care and I feel wonderful!” – Linda H. – Virden, IL

“Count on Dr. Austin to always thoughtfully listen to your complaints. Dr Todd tailor designs a wellness program to your needs and provides grand results. I am very fortunate to have been a patient of his while I lived in central IL. Thanks for all your great help and I highly recommend Dr. Austin.” -Mary H. – Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Austin… I think it’s great that you’re committed to helping others experience optimal health and wellness. It’s nice to see a doctor actually addressing the cause of problems rather than just the symptoms. Keep up the amazing work!” – Dr. Matt L. – Lilburn, GA

“I didn’t know what to expect from the cold lasers, but found it to be as advertised.I never thought after 30 years I would be able to do normal things without feeling like I had thrown something out of alignment – Now I can exercise the muscles I need to, to build up strength in them. I can see the improvement week by week and now have a goal that seems possible to reach.” – Marty H. – Virden, IL