Acupuncture Can Help You Quit Smoking Forever Without Needles

Why should I stop smoking?


  • Non-smokers live longer on the average.
  • Decreased risk of emphysema, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes (causing paralysis of limbs and speech) and circulatory disease as well as cancer (of the lungs, bladder, throat and mouth).
  • Children whose parents smoke are exposed to an increased risk of both cancer and asthma.
  • Smoking gives you bad breath, may upset your spouse, costs money and is socially unacceptable.
  • Older smokers have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • For men over the age of 55, smoking is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction!

When you stop smoking, it doesn’t cost… IT PAYS!

Wouldn’t you like to have an extra $2,000 (cost of 1 pack/day) – $6,000 (cost for 3 packs/day) per YEAR to spend as you like (since you will no longer be spending that amount on cigarettes)?


Meridian Therapy is the accepted name employed by those who practice the principle of Acupuncture without the use of a penetrating needle. Acupuncture is a principle, not a technique. There are many ways to stimulate a point other than a needle, just as there are many different strokes used in swimming. Many practitioners use electronic stimulation, cold laser beam, or pressure massage to treat these points. The principle of Acupuncture does not change, only the technique does. Compared with other therapies, acupuncture has had the most dramatic successes in the treatment of addictions such as smoking.

Auriculotherapy (French Ear Acupuncture) consists of stimulating specific acupuncture points located in the ear related to smoking with a small electrical wave or laser (which is safe and without needles). By stimulating these specific point we can intercept messages sent by your brain to your body that demand more nicotine, thereby disrupting the addictive process.

Meridian therapy in combination with Auriculotherapy is an effective tool to enable you to quit smoking by minimizing cravings, calming your nervous system and strengthening your will power. This program has helped many people quit smoking and can eliminated most cravings. Generally the treatment reduces cravings from 20 or more times per day down to only 3 to 5 cravings per day.

Your responsibility is to make it through those few cravings. You will also receive a specific dietary supplement to help you through the first few weeks by reducing emotional stress.

During the initial treatment you should try to refrain from smoking or having any cigarettes in your possession. If you make it through the next 24 hours smoke-free, you have an 85% chance of being successful. After 72 hours, the success rate becomes 96%.

Our program consists of three treatments. Your first visit includes a consultation and treatment. Your two follow-up treatments which will occur later that month are also included in the package.

We will stimulate each smoking-related point with either a cold laser or a small electrical wave.

The first treatment takes about 40 minutes after the consultation is finished on the first visit. Follow-up visits last approximately 20 minutes. After treatment we may apply a small herbal seed to a specific point in each ear. You can generally press or rub these seeds occasionally during the day or if you feel an urge to smoke.

You should not smoke for at least TWO HOURS before your first visit.

A good vitamin C supplement (we provide your first bottle for you) is very effective and important in the first few weeks. It helps relieve your reliance on the nicotine, calms your nervous system and supports your will power. It also helps with any relapse that may occur in your normal everyday life that may be brought on by stressful situations.

Helpful Hints

The decision to stop smoking can elicit uncomfortable emotions. Ask someone who is available to you in the next few weeks to act as a sounding board and provide encouragement when needed. Online social media outlets like Facebook are great for this as well.

Affirmation – an affirmation is a positive statement repeated often to create desired changes in your life. Reciting the affirmation helps to remind you why you are no longer smoking and also imprints a new image of health so the body can work towards your new vision. Example: “I am a non-smoker. I make healthy choices in my life.”

Setting boundaries – Talk to other smokers in advance about refraining from smoking in your presence-this includes your spouse. When possible, stay away from smokers until you feel more confident about being a non-smoker.

Drink Water – Research shows that dehydration causes cravings. Sip water frequently throughout the day.

Cravings – Cravings feel like they will last forever but actually fade in two minutes. Plan what you will do during a craving. Examples: Take a strong peppermint, repeat your affirmation, breath deeply, take a walk. Dr. Austin will teach you some techniques to cut your cravings down to only 8 seconds each!

Total number of treatments varies from 1 to 3 in order to be effective. Our clinic’s policy is to perform all 3 treatments on each patient. Our treatment package includes a consultation, three treatments and two products to curb your nicotine craving and anxiety withdrawals. The cost of this package is a very affordable $200.00.
Each visit beyond the initial three visits is $50.00 each.

You’ll find that this is one of the most successful programs available in central Illinois, with a 72% success rate as long as you:

  • Are self-disciplined
  • Are ready to quit smoking
  • Realize you are able to quit
  • Realize your health is the most important reason to quit

IMPORTANT: These should be good reasons to quit your smoking habit and start taking responsibility and control of your health and the health of the ones dear to you. The minor discomfort felt for a few days due to withdrawals from quitting (our program also decreases this discomfort) should outweigh the years of suffering for you and your loved ones.

Don’t Hesitate!

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